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Lyman, Mississippi is a community located in Harrison County and is around 12 miles West of Diamondhead and only 10 miles North of the beautiful beach front in Gulfport. Lyman is not incorporated and is a census-designated place or CDP. According to the Federal Census Department, the populace of Lyman was an estimated 1,277 in 2010.

In the later part of the 19th century, there was a community called Reeves Crossing in Harrison County. County records show that Lyman R. Reeves was the owner of this land as well as a large amount of other land in nearby areas. On October 9th, 1901, Lyman Reeves submitted a petition with Harrison County to rename the Reeves Community into the Town of Lyman.

In the later part of the 19th century, Lyman was heavily forested with Yellow Pine. With the establishment of the railroad system in the last quarter of the 19th century, Lyman became the center of the Southern Mississippi lumber industry. Between 1904 and 1915, Mississippi ranked third place in lumber producing States in the U.S. behind Washington and Louisiana. During this boom period, 40% of all lumber produced in Mississippi traveled through the town of Lyman.

Lyman is conveniently located and is a 1 hour drive to New Orleans. And Lyman is only a 10-15 short realty Lyman Mississippi drive to the most beautiful sugar white fine sand beaches on the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast along with usage of a vast selection of excellent restaurants, outdoor sights, and scenic byways and the enthusiasm of two 24-hour nonstop internet casino resorts in nearby Bay St. Louis, one in best Lyman realtor Gulfport, and eight in Biloxi.

Lyman Mississippi is exquisite and features rolling hillsides, open areas, ponds and an abundance of spectacular Live Oak trees of which many are hundreds of years old. And, the cost of real estate is among the lowest along the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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